Orbisk and Unilever announce partnership to tackle food waste in hospitality

Orbisk and Unilever announce partnership to tackle food waste in hospitality

Every year, 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away worldwide. That is no less than a third of all food that is produced. In the Dutch hospitality industry, food waste even rises to 50%. Here, Orbisk saw a major problem, but also an opportunity to help companies with their costs and the planet with its health. Unilever Food Solutions faced the same problem and decided to help Orbisk through a partnership.


Pioneers in innovation

At Orbisk, we strive to make as much positive impact as possible. We contribute to a sustainable world through our innovative technological solution. We make an impact on nature and the planet, but also on the profitability of a company. Win-win, indeed! The food waste challenge can only be solved collectively. We believe in a partnership based on openness and trust, with the aim of improving the world food system forever! Especially in the times we live in, it is very important to support your fellow catering entrepreneurs. After all, we have to come out stronger together.


Stronger together

Orbisk and Unilever Food Solutions reinforce each other's plans for the future. Unilever's Future Foods plan includes the goal of cutting food waste in half in direct worldwide activities from the factory to the shelf by 2025. UFS translates this to the hospitality industry. To reinforce its mission, the company enters into partnerships with innovative companies and parties. To start with Orbisk: “The food waste monitor for the professional kitchen”, says founder Olaf van der Veen. “Our data-driven self-learning system automatically recognises which food is thrown away. The monitor offers insight into waste flows, allowing you to take targeted actions to combat waste and thus reduce your waste. Hopefully, we can reach even more chefs and catering entrepreneurs through this collaboration with UFS.”  


Help us fight food waste

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