Orbisk launches consortium with 1.2M grant from Eurostars

Orbisk launches consortium with 1.2M grant from Eurostars

Orbisk is most proud to have secured a EUR 1.2 million EuroStars grant.  September 1st will mark the start of our €2.5M customer-centered product optimization project, in the international consortium titled ‘FOOD FIGHT’. The companies Orbisk, Aivero and Eaternity will form an international consortium to battle in the fight against food waste.

The partners will explore cutting edge camera and streaming technologies. The resulting AI & hardware improvements will improve customer experience and ease of use, data accuracy and flexibility of use to fit any restaurant or other industrial kitchen! Furthermore, the consortium will focus on the many different possibilities of working with the generated data. This way we will be better equipped to advise clients on how to reduce their food waste and environmental impact.

This project is funded with €1.2M from the Horizon 2020’s ‘Eurostars’ programme, which enables small- and medium-sized enterprises to excel on their impactful Research & Development. So, in modest splendour we are happy to say that our proposal scored 16th out of 378 eligible applications.

Open Positions

We are most excited to kick off this consortium and improve our ability to help our current and future clients to become more sustainable and more profitable! Keep a close eye on at the three companies, as there will be a number of (predominantly tech) positions opening up to facilitate the immense progression we are looking to make! Interested? Check our vacancies here.

Company Profiles


Orbisk developed the world’s first fully automated food waste monitor. We outfit the food waste bin in hospitality institutions with a scale and a smart camera. The camera runs an AI image recognition algorithm that recognises ingredients from images. Effortlessly, the monitor registers the quantity, type and moment of food going to waste in the restaurant process. This information is used to find and optimize the inefficiencies in your food providing process.

By means of action oriented dashboarding we can help you to balance portions, optimize stocking and plan more efficiently. This will result in significant economic value due to savings on buying, personnel and waste disposal + utility costs. This way food waste can be prevented as opposed to reappropriated, annually saving an estimated over 4,000 kilos of food waste for an average sized restaurant, worth €20,000 – €60,000, a net margin improvement of up to 4%!

Many of the biggest challenges we face today are also the biggest opportunities, you just have to have the right perspective. Look at waste from the perspective of unused resources and you’re looking at a lake of untapped potential, ready for the taking!” (Olaf, CEO at Orbisk)


“Scaling 3D Vision”

Aivero is developing 3DQ – a 3D video streaming platform that helps teams build and deploy large-scale 3D video-based solutions. 3DQ connects 3D cameras to powerful machine vision algorithms, using efficient compression and streaming to bridge any network to local servers or the cloud and control a fleet of cameras remotely. For the Food Fight project, we are powering the 3-dimensional analysis of food items. Enabling our FoodFight consortium to efficiently tackle food waste reduction using the next generation of camera’s.

“The entire Aivero team is excited about this project to fight food waste with advanced technology.  All of us at Aivero are keenly aware of the impact of waste on society and the climate. With Food Fight we see a clear path to contribute, by reducing waste and helping take care of our environment.” (Martin, CEO at Aivero)


“Accelerating the advent of a sustainable food future.”

Eaternity supports organizations worldwide with labeling their food with the environmental footprint. This allows food producers, retailers, and catering providers such as restaurants to precisely measure, track, and communicate the environmental footprint of their food. And consumers are empowered to make climate-friendly food choices.

From the absolute necessity for solutions, Eaternity was founded in 2008 by Judith Ellens and Manuel Klarmann at ETH Zurich.

Eaternity appeals: Climate change will lead to more destruction and displacement than all wars in human history combined if we do not act now. We can start reducing our emissions by 50% today. Our food causes 1/3 of the CO2 emissions worldwide. Enough that it must make a significant contribution to our sustainability goals.

“Let’s be clear. It is not our authority to care for the climate. We have chosen to take responsibility because we can. If I look into the eyes of my 4 year old son, I see the future that I want to make possible for him.” (Manuel, CEO at Eaternity)