Vermaat is a catering specialist with around 400 locations throughout the country. Sustainability is of paramount importance to them. With agreements laid down in the Vermaat Food Vision 2022, they strive to become an increasingly healthier, more sustainable and more social catering company. In September 2019 they started working with Orbisk. 

Why do you want to do something to prevent food waste?

If there is one thing you can do as a caterer to make a positive impact on the world, it is to reduce your food waste. We believe that we have a responsibility to not only think about this but also do something about it. 

Why did you start working with Orbisk?

One of our goals is to reduce waste, so we first looked for a way to measure food waste. We wanted to do this at a detailed level, without additional actions for the staff. We know that chefs do not feel like registering everything manually, so the solution had to be fully automatic. That is how we ended up at Zero food waste, now Orbisk.

“Together with the client, we search for the fine line between satisfied guests and the most savings.”

And then the monitor was placed in several locations, what did you see change?

Immediately a lot! We first ran a pilot at ten different catering locations. You see that people immediately start measuring enthusiastically. Tips are exchanged, and practical knowledge is shared. The locations inspire each other, but there is also healthy competition.

You are a catering company and must also take into account the wishes of your client. How do you deal with that?

We think it is important to enter into a dialogue with our client. Of course, they also do not want unnecessary waste and are often open to discussing the possibilities for reducing food waste. Together we search for the limit between satisfied guests and the most savings. The data and figures that the monitor collects serve as a guideline in this conversation. Together you base the changes on that. 

Would you recommend Orbisk?

We tested with two systems, and Orbisk came out best. We were especially pleased with Orbisks flexibility. They think along and understand that every location is different. And that you are locally approachable, in Dutch or English, we found that very pleasant! 

What else do you want to share?

Tackling food waste doesn't have to be scary at all! It's about something happening in the back, in the kitchen. Your guest does not have to notice anything, and it does not detract from the dining experience.