Zero food waste for co-founder Richard

This week's menu features Richard, co-founder of Orbisk. In early 2018, he joined Bart and Olaf in the journey to zero food waste. His hobby, baking cake, was replaced by a new hobby: entrepreneurship. We asked him what makes his work so much fun.

Why did you start at Orbisk? 

“The question I asked myself in 2019 is: what really makes me happy? One thing came up very strongly, namely food. My whole day was filled with food. I baked a lot, and in my work at Albert Heijns' marketing department, it was my goal to sell as much food as possible. I did not get enough satisfaction from this. Especially after I had my first daughter, the intrinsic value of leaving her a better world grew.”

"I no longer cook complecated meals, I no longer bake, and I exercise less, but I have much more joy!"

What do you like most about your work?

"A business is not a 'nine-to-five' job. I no longer cook complecated meals, I no longer bake, and I exercise less, but I have much more joy. It no longer feels like working… Is it still working? My day is still about food but in a different way. With an entire team, we are now working on something that will help the catering industry get a grip on their food flow. It saves food, and I think that is a very cool thing to do."

Waar heb je het meest van geleerd? 

"After years of experience in a start-up, I knew what to expect from entrepreneurship, but I never expected the extent of the problem of food waste.

When first talked to Olaf about joining Zero food waste, he showed me data and pictures of the problem he wanted to solve. Only then did I realize how much impact we are making on the industry because manually keeping track of all those kilos of waste is impossible for a chef.

Insight must be gained into the dynamics of a kitchen without interfering with the kitchen process. That's the beauty of this venture. We help the chef, save money for the industry and thereby also have a positive impact on the world. And all of that, in a relatively simple way."

What was your favourite dish to make?

"I baked a lot of cakes. Cheesecake is my favourite. Now and then I still make time for my old hobby! For example, when I got my daughter's gender result. That had to include a homemade pink cake."