When talking about the Schiphol geese, you probably don't think of the poultry served on a plate. The animals are often shown in a bad light and are not popular among the people. There are several chefs currently trying to raise the animal's popularity. They are trying to make people aware that the Schiphol goose is not annoying but actually very tasty. 

The geese are shot within a radius of 20 kilometres from Schiphol to prevent them from flying into the aircraft engines. They are delivered in large numbers and in a short amount of time, straight from the hunters. Shooting the animals is necessary, but it is a shame that they are not relocated. This is a great opportunity for the catering industry to put a daring piece of bird game on the map. The Schiphol goose is not yet as accessible as, for example, a deer steak. 

It is daunting to introduce a new type of meat during the "vegetarian era", but this goose is not so bad. Because it is wild meat, the bird doesn't suffer, and there is no environmental damage as in factory farming. Also, the animals enjoyed a natural diet.

This is not only the opinion of chefs but also artists and poulterers. The Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal is a frontrunner in putting the Schiphol goose on the map. Set up by two artists who pursue an inspiring vision: finding the barrier between food and animals that are not seen as food. 

Not only do the chefs prepare culinary delights with the goose meat, but they also make croquettes and mini croquettes! This way, the Schiphol goose may still transform into an accessible piece of meat. Will we soon see the mini goose croquettes appear in the party snack mix? 

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