A full cup of coffee grounds, zucchini peel or a banana that is far too ripe. These are products that still end up in the trash in many places, but not with the circular chef! To operate in the kitchen sustainably, he, for example, processes his waste in new dishes. For the circular chef, no day is the same. Each time he is challenged to get the most out of his products. This requires a unique learning path full of challenge and creativity. 

You will find chefs who cook circularly in more and more places in the Netherlands. But what makes a circular chef? We have listed four features of this chef for you!

The chef makes a conscious choice

Plastic soup doesn't come from his kitchen. When buying ingredients, he thinks about more than just taste. He skips the unnecessary packaging material where possible. He delivers ecological quality. The truck also only comes a few times a week, because now a third of his products come from local entrepreneurs. 

Loves (im)perfection

He uses ugly food in his dishes. Food that usually is not "perfect" enough to sell. Think crooked cucumbers or curly zucchinis. The task for the circular chef is to find these forgotten ingredients and save them from going to waste. 

He is an omnivore

A true circular chef knows how to make something tasty from anything! He doesn't just throw away the peels. He pulls soup out of vegetable peels, and the stem of the onion ends up in a salad. He even keeps coffee grounds as food for the garden or to grow fungi. And if the leftovers can no longer be used, they go to the worm hotel!

Use and reuse!

The art of a chef is to get the most out of his products; fermentation, freezing, smoking and re-cooking. One thing is certain; a chef enjoys his ingredients for as long as possible. Proper planning ensures that all ingredients already have multiple destinations upon arrival. Is one dish rarely ordered? Then the main ingredient gets a different destination or is stored! 

Are you a circular chef, or are you on your way to becoming one? Feel free to contact us!