Albron about Orbisk

Albron about Orbisk

Albron provides food concepts at nearly 1,000 different locations throughout the Netherlands. For companies and governments, at schools and universities, in hospitals and healthcare institutions, at events, in day & stay recreation and at high traffic locations. Since November 2019, Albron has been working with Orbisk's waste monitor at several locations. We asked the Sustainability consultant about his experiences.
Sinds november 2019 werkt Albron op een aantal van de locaties met de afvalmonitor van Orbisk. Wij vroegen de adviseur duurzaamheid naar zijn ervaringen.

What drives you to engage in sustainability?

Our origins go back more than a hundred years ago when we were founded to solve major problems in society, such as poverty and alcohol abuse. Today we are a commercial company, but we still contribute to solving social problems. We are intrinsically driven to make great strides in sustainability, vitality and social entrepreneurship. We want to help as many people and organizations as possible towards a vital, social and sustainable future.

"The waste level has decreased by about 40%, which means that the operating margin has increased considerably."


Why did you start working with Orbisk?

Collaboration increases the impact on food waste. After all, we cannot solve this global problem on our own. The partnership with Orbisk contributes to our vision by lowering our costs while reducing CO2 emissions and excessive land and water consumption. 

How is the experience with Orbisk?

Our experience with Orbisk has been great! Knowing what and how many kilos you throw away at the ingredient level is essential to reduce food waste further.

What results did you achieve?

We use Orbisk monitoring systems in 5 of our locations and 3 branches of the Center Parcs holiday park. The waste level has decreased by about 40%, which means that the operating margin has increased considerably. 

How do you view the future?

We see opportunities to use Orbisk's technology in healthcare also. We believe that the system will bring significant benefits because it significantly reduces food waste. We're following Orbisk's progress with great interest!