The Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the first locations where the Orbisk monitor was installed. The hotel is located in the heart of the business district of Hoofddorp and receives an average of 400 guests throughout the day.

In May 2019, they started using the Orbisk food waste monitor to get a grip on their food waste. As part of the Accor hotel group, Novotel's goal is to reduce food waste by 25% by 2021. Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol is doing everything it can to keep overproduction as low as possible, and Orbisk's food waste monitor helps!

Now, a year later, we ask the general manager and executive chef about their experiences and successes

Why do you want to do something to prevent food waste?

“We consider this a social responsibility. We would like to save on food waste and have more control over food going bad. Furthermore, it is something that particularly engages and appeals to the younger generation of potential employees. But of course, this is also interesting from a financial point of view - less waste results in less costs.” Maar natuurlijk is dit ook vanuit financieel opzicht interessant – minder waste resulteert in minder kosten”

Why did you start working with Orbisk?

“It was a unique opportunity to combat overproduction. And after Too Good To Go, a nice new tool to limit waste!”

Kun je iets vertellen over de inzichten die je hebt gekregen sinds de start met Orbisk?

"We mainly saw data about the waste split in our outlets and during various service moments (breakfast/lunch/dinner/banquets)."

What adjustments/changes have been made?

"Production is now more in line with demand at certain times. We have been able to use the data to map out the "waste sensitive" moments and products. There is also more awareness among our team about the prevention of food waste." meer bewustwording bij ons team over het voorkomen van voedselverspilling.”

Do you have any tips for other chefs on how to reduce food waste?

"Always keep a critical eye on the preparation and production of the product you offer. In particular, there is a lot to gain when putting together your coffee breaks and how you offer buffets, for example.

Focus on celebrating the successes and ensure continuous engagement with your team. For example, ensure that employees are rewarded for their ideas when it comes to reducing food waste.”