Daniel VS the world

Daniel VS the world

We would like to introduce you to Daniel, the Full Stack Developer at Orbisk. Everything that has to do with development ends up on his plate. But what Daniel prefers to receive on his plate is French aligot. 

Why did you choose to work at Orbisk?

“I enjoy working for startups. To be present as close as possible to the start of the creation of a product. I can work on social impact and then I'm sure something good will come out, instead of just donating to a fund. I also really enjoy working with a physical product. If everything is only digital, it is less tangible. At Orbisk we develop something very tangible, which brings nice challenges. ”

"There are plenty of problems in the world and every problem is worth solving."

What makes your job so much fun?

“It's the challenges that make the job fun for me. There is a lot to learn about new technology. The challenge of having a physical product is of course great, because I am in contact with the real world. Normally, problems in the digital sector are mainly simple bugs. With a ‘real world’ product, there is likely to be an environmental circumstance that causes a problem and results in something not working. The challenge is much more complex and therefore more interesting. ” 

Why do you think preventing food waste is important?

"There are plenty of problems in the world and every problem is worth solving. Helping people directly or indirectly. By solving food waste, you indirectly help people. In the long term, that is essentially the same as helping people directly. "

Do you have a final message that you want to give to the world?

"Keep it simple."