Young mindset with an academic flavor

Cas is part of the Artifical Intelligence team, but is also following a double master's degree at Utrecht University. He contributes to the development of computer vision models. He’ll never complain, but coriander and goat cheese will Cas never take in. It seems that this combination is very common not to like, so he is not alone in this.   

Why did you choose to work at Orbisk? 

“At first I simply wanted to gain work experience. I noticed that my study is very theoretical and I wanted to understand what this looks like in practice. Orbisk stood out for me because it is a young team and I felt that I could make a lot of impact here. The people at Orbisk are also inspiring and I would get the flexibility to somewhat fill in what I want to learn. Orbisk felt like a nice environment to get acquainted with working in addition to studying. 

I also wanted to do something that has a positive effect on society. In IT it is very easy to go for the big bucks, but I wanted something that has a more tangible and positive effect on society. So, the fight against food waste is certainly in my choice to work at Orbisk.”

What makes your job so much fun?

“It has two sides. On the one hand the work itself, because I can partly organize this myself. I really feel challenged and that I got responsibility. It is not that I get dirty jobs that need to be done, but despite working part-time, I am seen as a full team member. The other side is the team. It is a very diverse team with young people. Not only in terms of age, but especially in way of thinking. This makes me very motivated and inspired.” 


"I try to propagate this wherever I can have influence, where that opportunity is given."


Do you think Orbisk learns from you too? 

“I hope so. Within the AI ​​team there are many people who really enjoy the implementation, the more practical side. I noticed that I am more drawn by the academic side. Doing the research and the theory behind it. I hope that will bring some ideas to the table. I try to propagate this wherever I can have influence, where that opportunity is given.”

Do you have a final message that you want to spread into the world?

"Dare to trust yourself. For example, everyone in my study said that I shouldn't work in addition. My attitude was that I had to find out for myself. I can do that and I am glad I did."