Sweet passion and sour taste

This week we spoke to one of our most cheerful employees: Ilse. Ilse is Orbisk's Customer Success Manager. She listens to the wishes of our customers and then translates these into options for the data and the product. Ilse is anything but a sourpuss, but she does love sour flavors. As a one-year-old child, she already ate trays of currants in the supermarket. 

Why does this job fit you well?

“It fits me well, because I really enjoy talking to different people. I can listen to their stories and then help them solve problems. It is my passion to connect people in general. Within this position at Orbisk I can empathize with the situation of a customer. I have the opportunity to help reduce our customers’ food waste! ”

Why did you choose to work at Orbisk? 

“Because I want to work somewhere where I can make an impact. I think it is important that when we do something for ourselves we also do something for the world. I chose a job that I don’t only enjoy, but also lets me grow as a person. Orbisk is the perfect place for me to contribute to a better world.

Why do you think preventing food waste is important?

“I just really love food. The idea of having a meal that is prepared for someone with love and effort, makes me smile. Preparing food is art and it brings people together. For me it is also linked to having a great time with family and friends. For this reason, food waste is one of those things we should try to prevent. It's just such a…. waste! We need to take a more critical look at ourselves.

Do you have a final message that you want to spread into the world? 

“I think you should always do something you're passionate about. That's why I believe the food waste monitor at Orbisk is such a good idea. It originated from a passion and love for food and for hospitality. In addition, it is supported by a good business plan, which only makes it stronger. So my message: find your passion and try to use it to make the world a bit better.