Measuring is knowing

This week we introduce Ivo. Ivo is our very first data analyst. He is basically the data guardian of Orbisk! He makes sure that all data is correct and makes sure it can be visualized for our clients. He has a central role and works with all the different teams on different projects. All this, he can accomplish whilst playing on his harmonica.

How are you paying attention to sustainability?

“I am originally from Portugal and I moved to The Netherlands 5 years ago. I really liked the country so I decided to stay. When I made this decision, I also started to pay more attention to the environment and nature. So I started to reduce my carbon footprint with small stuff that I could do. One of these things is finding a job close to home with a company that will positively contribute to climate change.”

Why did you choose to work for Orbisk?

“For a number of reasons. My main reason is the positive contribution to climate change. I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint by working closer to my home and use my skills for good. I also fully believe in the company’s vision. Funny story: I found Orbisk online and decided to contact the founders. They said they didn't need a Data Analyst at the moment but I was persistent and together we came to an agreement to work a couple of days per week. After a month we all came to the conclusion that a data analyst is very valuable! Today I am one of the oldest member in the Orbisk team, and also the shortist...


"We are part of the company as much as the company is part of us.“

What is so fun about your job?

“Working with different teams. That’s something I really like. I also like that every project is an innovation project. There’s a lot of people at Orbisk that I can learn from, starting from customer success to communication to artificial intelligence and so on. Besides, I really enjoy being part of the process of the growth of the company. We are part of the company as much as the company is part of us.“

Why do you think preventing food waste is important?

“Only because we have no idea of how much food we are throwing away. The beginning of improving a process comes with measuring that process and then acting on that. After that we must hope that people work together to address climate change.”