ORBISK: Auf dem Weg Nahrungsmittelverschwendung zu minimieren

ORBISK: Auf dem Weg Nahrungsmittelverschwendung zu minimieren

During the corona period, we took a close look at our product and service, as well as the identity and core values of our company. What do we truly consider important, and what do we want to achieve as an organization in this world? We are happy to tell you more about it!

Our identity

Our mission is to enable the world te reduce food waste, by making progressive technology available for every day use. We want to pave the way to a society where food waste doesn't have to be a problem anymore! The values that are core to that for us are: 

Ambition & Impact
Trust & Courage
Open & Approachable
Down to earth & Honest 

To make our dream a reality, we need to make as much impact as possible, and that includes a strong company name. We want a strong name that will be associated with nothing but us in the coming years. That is why we have decided that the Zero food waste era will be closed and that from now on, we will live on as:


Why Orbisk? This name is derived from the word ORB, which means circle or sphere. Our solution ensures that the circle in the kitchen is complete, by providing insight into the waste flow. We do this to fight for the wellbeing of our planet!

Finally, it happens to be a nice coincidence that our founders are called Olaf, Richard and Bart ;-)