Piet praat: Machine Learning!

This week we have spoken with Pieter, the Machine Learning Engineer from Orbisk. He ensures that algorithms are trained and used. He checks a lot of data, but when possible, Pieter can also be spotted kitesurfing on the water.

Do you have a fun food fact?

“I only like white beans in tomato sauce in combination with macaroni. That is because my mother used to make it this way. My wife thinks it's awful… ” 

Why did you choose to work at Orbisk? 

“Because I like to put machine learning into practice. Orbisk puts it to use immediately. It is often difficult to make that step towards actual use. I also like that it solves, or at least reduces a social problem. Something you can support with your heart. That there is not necessarily a profit, but that it tackles a problem. ”


"With just a few people, we're actually creating something grand"


What makes your job so much fun?

“I like that you can make something. That it is a tangible product and that we are making it with a small team. But also that we can sell this and connect it as well as possible to the people who will use it. Then we can get very useful data from it again to implement more improvements. With very few people we're actually creating something grand."

Why do you think preventing food waste is important?

“It is not specifically the prevention of food waste that I find important. There are tons of problems worth solving, and food waste is certainly one of them. If you can do that less, we have a slightly better world. ”