Within five years, 737,520 kilos less food waste thanks to the artificial intelligence of Orbisk

Apr 5, 2024 | Food waste insights

Orbisk, a Dutch scale-up committed to a more sustainable food system, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with the launch of its first Impact Report. The report reveals, among other things, that Orbisk has saved 737,520 kilos of food from the trash worldwide, which amounts to about 1.6 million meals. But that’s not all. These efforts have also prevented 3.3 million kilos of CO2 emissions and 5.2 billion liters of water consumption. This demonstrates that food waste is not only unnecessary but also has a significant impact on the climate.

How does Orbisk do this?

The company works with chefs around the world to measure and reduce their food waste. With the help of artificial intelligence, a smart camera above the trash can analyzes which – and how much – ingredients are discarded, at what time of day, and for what reason. This data is presented to the chefs on a dashboard, enabling them to optimize their kitchen processes and reduce food waste. This doesn’t just save thousands of kilos of food but also time, money, and helps the environment.

The Power of Orbisk

At Orbisk, it’s not about selling hardware or software but about creating long-term behavioral change. The goal is to have a positive impact on our planet by implementing sustainable kitchen processes and reducing food waste. This contributes to a more sustainable food system.

Future Vision

Orbisk has set an ambitious goal to save a total of two billion kilos of food from the trash in the next five years: “We are proud of the results we have achieved so far, but we prefer to look forward,” says CEO and co-founder Olaf van der Veen. “We want to continue to lead in the fight against food waste in the future.” Therefore, Orbisk is working on several innovations. Van der Veen: “Our solution must be usable in every commercial kitchen if we want to make a real impact, so we are developing flexible solutions that fit in every kitchen, from mega hotels to the bistro on the corner. In addition, we also want to predict future consumption with artificial intelligence. This will allow kitchens to purchase even more accurately and reduce their waste further.”

Curious about the full report? View it here


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