Food Waste Reduction in your Professional Kitchen? Use the ABC Method!

May 7, 2024 | Food waste tips

Want to reduce food waste? It’s all about efficient ordering and optimal product use. An efficient ordering process, based on data and figures, helps you order the right products and the right amount. Still have some ingredients left over or run out of a specific component, leaving you with a surplus of other ingredients? That’s where optimal product use makes a difference.

By always having a plan—and a Plan B—up your sleeve, you’ll never be left scratching your head. How do you come up with such a plan? Easy-peasy. Use the ABC method! Let’s break it down for you.

What is the ABC Method?

With the ABC method, you always have a plan ready. You’ll know exactly what to do with the products in your professional kitchen. Here’s a quick overview of the method:

A > Original Use: What will you do with a product?

B > Back-Up Option: What could you do with the product if Plan A doesn’t work?

C > Proper Storage: How will you store the products?

Let’s dive into the details below!

A. Original Use

Is a new menu on the horizon? Create a production schedule for the dishes that will shine on this new menu. Specify for each dish who is responsible for preparing it, what ingredients you need, and when the dish should be prepared. The advantage of this schedule is simple: ordering runs like clockwork and there’s less waste in the bin because you’ll know exactly what’s required for each dish.

Want to perfect your approach? Check out our article on production schedules, where you’ll learn to master flexible menu strategies!

B. Back-Up Option

Not everything can be planned. As a professional, you know that all too well. Some products are bound to be left over. In such cases, you need creative dish solutions or, in other words, a Plan B. Leftover fried eggs from breakfast? Add them to the lunchtime burger. That goat cheese on today’s sandwich? Tastes divine in tomorrow’s salad.

By thinking about ingredient reuse and recycling, you’ll master food waste. For more practical examples, let us introduce you to Vojtech Vegh. Who’s that? The Zero Waste Chef, of course! He shares tips on social media about how to re-purpose ingredients in various ways. Sounds good, right?

C. Proper Storage

The last step of the ABC method is all about storing products. Not all ordered items are used up right away, so there’s always something left in the inventory. Ensure proper storage in transparent containers and keep a schedule to track when to use each ingredient. This way, the overview is preserved. Want more storage tips? Click here.

Meet Orbi

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